This was our 10th year of bringing a free Christmas Dinner to our brothers and sisters in the community at-large. We were very blessed and thankful for the contributions and assistance given to us by individuals, organizations and businesses within the community. But my specials thanks go out to you – the volunteers of this parish and indeed to all of the surrounding area who were willing to perform and carry out many and varied duties.

The food was plentiful, delicious and hot (as I overheard some people say) and enjoyed by all those who came to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday. This year we served 407 meals to people, many of whom would have been alone and without a Christmas dinner otherwise.

The spirit of warmth, hospitality, laughter, music, fellowship, kindness and sharing was alive in the hall on Christmas Day. Some of you have told me that you could feel that the Holy Spirit was present there that day. I can only tell you that I felt the Lord’s presence with me from the time I committed to do this. Otherwise, I could not have done it. So for any one of you who feel that you would like to get involved in something but you think you can’t possibly do it, please pray about it – talk to the Lord – you don’t need the ability, just availability. The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the Called.

Thank you, Lord and thank you, members of St. Thomas’ Church.