Greetings. I want to tell you about the app for Seek God for the City 2012. The app takes you through a 40-day experience helping you pray with life-giving clarity and hope for people throughout your community. Each day gives you a few lines of scripture with crisply-worded prayers that spring directly from the Bible. The prayers are designed to help make it easy for ordinary Christians to find their own words to pray for others with simplicity and confidence. Learn to pray with hope for people of your neighborhood, workplace or city. Having the app on your mobile device will make it easy to pray in the midst of a busy schedule, wherever you may be.

It’s a 40-day experience, beginning on February 22 and culminating on Palm Sunday, April 1. Of course, you can continue to use the app after the 40 days. Get the app for only $0.99.

Find it on the Android Market for your Android phone or tablet.

Find it on iTunes for your iPhone or iPad.

The app contains the same scriptures, prayers and ideas as the entire 64-page printed prayer guide. Seek God for the City is revised every year. This year there are already thousands of churches of many different denominations and traditions that already have copies of the printed version. For many, the app will be a great companion to the printed guide. For others, the app may be the best or only way that is used.

Find out what some are saying on our Facebook page. Check out a sample page:

Get the app soon and tell your friends so that you can unite your prayers with others.

Yours in hope,

Steve Hawthorne, Director WayMakers