Some further thoughts on Jesus rebuilding the destroyed temple

Destruction and restoration: Tearing down to build up.

We have been watching the repair work on a house on our street- it seems never ending. How many dumpsters been there taking away rubble? Often think it would be better to tear it down and build it all over again from the beginning. It’s smart to build right. But if we don’t build right then we have only three options: live with what we have, renovate or rebuild.

    1. Live with what you have. Some people think everything in their lives needs to change in order for them to live a full life. If the foundations and the basic plan is sound, we can live with a lot of inconvenience. It can be character building.
    2. Renovate what needs to be renovated. Don’t live with someone else’s plan for your life. When we moved into our new house it had to be renovated but not demolished. It didn’t need demolition but we needed a new plan to allow the new family in it to live their lives. In our house we had good foundations, solid workmanship etc. But it needed all new wiring, a new heating system, new clapboard, and we changed the colour while we were at it. People who walked by hardly knew the place. But it was the same- we only added one room to the outside. The whole foundation remained un-changed. Someone who had been in the house before would come in and recognize the old in the new!
    3. Rebuild what needs to be rebuilt. Demolishing and rebuilding is sometimes better than renovating- good money after bad! Some people try to renovate things that need to be demolished…alcoholics cannot “remodel their use of alcohol”.

Lent is a time to prepare for God’s demolition and rebuilding work of Holy Week in our lives. Lent is a time to recognize the areas of weakness and death that exist in us so that we can grow in the wonder of God’s love for us in His redemptive, demolition and restoration work of Holy Week when it arrives. What is not built on God’s plan will not survive the demolition of the end of time or the end of our lives. Everything will be tried in the furnace, we are told- everything will be judged at the judgement seat of Christ.

    Do you know the difference between the things your life is built on? Do you know what needs to be torn down and rebuilt?

     Do you understand what needs to be changed, remodelled or updated in your life? (The way you pray, how you read the Bible, how you share your faith or seek God’s presence in your days).

     Have you figured out what you must or can live with so that you don’t sweat the small stuff (as they say)? Don’t die for things that are not worth the effort!

     God’s wisdom can teach you the difference so that you do not waste the precious resources of your life on trying to do the wrong thing with the wrong struggle. Jesus says all we need to do is ask and it will be given to us, knock and it will be opened, seek and we will find.

     The Church, the earthly temple of Jesus Christ, calls us to build now on heaven’s principles. ASK, KNOCK AND SEEK and the Lord will give us what is necessary to build our lives on the wisdom of God.

     Only God’s wisdom can show us the difference- we try to demolish what we need to live with, renovate what needs to be demolished and live with what needs to be overhauled! That’s what the religious leaders did and it led to the showdown of Good Friday when God’s wisdom judged and destroyed the wisdom of the world, so that He could raise it up through faith into the wisdom of God!